The Infant - Toddler Community Club

Raffles Montessori Infant Toddler Community Club provides learning experience for children from 6 months to 3 years of age. It is an environment that helps to develop the two basic needs of infant:

  • the bonded relationship between adult and child;

  • the support for a growing sense of self and independence.

  • It is specially prepared to continue to meet the child's need for warmth and nurturing as these young children grow in the same environment till they are ready for the next stage of a nursery/kindergarten programme.

    Our club is located in the East Coast vicinity.

    Transportation can be arranged.

    Flexi-Membership is now open for registration.

    The Club Offers:

  • Fun and stimulating space designed and furnished with young children in mind.

  • Age-appropriate lessons that include a Montessori work cycle covering the five areas:
    • - Practical Life Activities
      - Sensorial Activities
      - Language Development
      - Arts & Crafts
      - Music
  • Practical training for the child's parent or carer who wish to be present at the club ( condition apply)

  • In-house library of a full collection of Montessori books, magazines and videos on a broad spectrum of parenting topics.

  • New information on child-rearing and parenting workshops that cover a variety of parenting issues on child development.

  • Programmes Available
    Montessori Experience Stage I
    - Montessori Experience Stage II
    - Infant . Toddler ( with or without adult company)

    (Co. Regn. 200303872E)
    46 Lorong 23 Geylang, Fansida Building. Singapore 388375
    Tel: 6841 1111 | Fax: 6841 7771 | Email