~ Taking the first step in the rght direction! ~

with a full Montessori learning approach environment for the benefits of your child!

We offer an international Montessori programme for children of ages 2.5 to 6. We provide a foundation for the excitement of learning, at the age when learning is effortless and create a harmonious atmosphere for children to develop all aspects of their personalities - physical, social, intellectual, and emotional. A preparatory programme of "The Montessori Experience" is offered to children below 2.5 years old.


Raffles Montessori School
-- Registered as a private school and located at commercial premises, the school has operation hours extended to include a wide range of enrichment programmes at flexi-hours.

Raffles Montessori Kindergarten -- As a registered kindergarten, the school operates regular daily sessions from morning till late afternoon.


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46 Lorong 23 Geylang, Fansida Building. Singapore 388375
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