Montessori education is designed to meet (in a carefully prepared environment) the intellectual, imaginative and emotional needs of this stage of the child's development.

The Montessori school environment caters for the evolving child from the concrete to the abstract. The environment also has the added advantage of familiar materials at the initial stage of the programme(eg. moveable alphabets, map displays and golden beads) that is designed to develop the child's imagination leading to the development of abstract thinking.

We reverse the teaching method used in most schools by giving our children a pictureof the whole, or a frame of reference, before introducing individual subjects. For example, Montessori children learn about the creation of the universe before going on to study topics such as the solar system, the physical features of the earth, weather patterns, the countries of the world and their inhabitants,their customs, flags and so on.

All subjects that are covered in a conventional kindergarten are covered in our curriculum also encourage and foster learning extension into the areas of interest and capability expressed by the individual child.

Around the age of 6 the child has developed the adaptability, confidence and maturity to move on. At this point, they are well prepared with an all-rounder foundation for adjourning to the next elementary level in any primary school.


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