Raffles Montessori is formed with the aims of establishing Montessori schools in the act of disseminating information on the Montessori philosophy and educational approach in Singapore.

Raffles Montessori follows the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870- 1952). Its aim is to assist in the total development of the child social, emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural and spiritual - so that the child will be better prepared for life and able to adjust to the changing conditions of the environment. The Montessori approach to education is child-centered and is based on mutual respect and co-operation. Montessori education offers children the oppurtunity to realise their potential an seek to promote:

  • Self-confidence and self esteem
  • A sense of achievement and self worth
  • A sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • Independence
  • A sense of security
  • Tolerance
  • Co-operation with others and a sense of community
  • Respect for the rights and needs of others
  • Concentration and persistence in completing a task
  • Initiative and self motivation
  • Good work habits
  • A joy of work and a love of learning
  • Creative intelligence and imagination
  • Ability to discriminate and judge

  • Raffles Montessori provides an orderly and secure environment where the child feels free to explore and discover. The Montessori environment is specially prepared to meet the needs of the child at each particular level of development.

    We believe that parents and the environment they create at home are the chief educational influences in the life of the child. As a school we want to be with you in discovering who your child is, and what are his/her needs as he/she enters into the adventures of life. It is our goal to help your child to become a creative, competent human being, who is fully aware of himself/herself, of each other, and of the world around him/her.

    Raffles Montessori is a place where children can be themselves in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. It is a place where children will come joyfully and become absorbed and interested in their learning. Parents are brought into this atmosphere as much as possible through more communications with the school. The educational policies of the school are the responsibilities of the Montessori Directresses. It is her task to give guidance and inspiration to the child.


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